Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cage Fury Fighting Championship (is a joke)!

Since the recent blow up of Paul Lazenby on me after I called Kimbo Slice a joke, I have address what I think about the upcoming Kimbo Slice and Ray Mercer fight. This fight is nothing more than a sideshow event. I remember when MMA first started and there were a few copies and at the time I felt that MMA might go the Pro Wrestling route, but lucky for us it didn't.

It has been almost 13 years since Royce Gracie changed Martial Arts and now as the Main Event of Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5, they have an Internet boxer who beat up overweight bouncers and an over 40 ex-heavyweight boxing champion. Over the past 13 years MMA fighters have evolved from guys with false creditials and fake black belts to having elite athletes. MMA has become like any other sport, where only people with God-given talent can compete.

Now, Cage Fury Fighting Championship goes ahead and makes this their Main Event. This may set MMA back 10 years. Paul Lazenby stated on the UG that people love to watch a freakshow. How about Cage Fury getting two midgets together and let them fight it out. I am sure it would be entertaining (and funny as hell).

Pat Militech, the Investment Broker (or Scripps Spelling Bee Champion)

I come back for a few days and I can find shit to talk about left and right.

Jinx, resident Mexican-American and poster of licking buttholes actually gave some good invest advice:

From: Jinx
Date: 06/01/07 03:11 PM
Member Since: 01/01/2001

THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER STOCKS WITH BETTER PROSPECTS THAN THIS PIECE OF SHIT. If you like to gamble so much with your money, put your money in RBY. It's still a gamble, but at least RBY actually has money, has one of the best gold mining guys on their team and is actually cheap to buy.

Why are you going to go after a failing company that is hemmorhaging money and has to BORROW from their shareholder just to stay above ground?
You want a turnaround story? BUY TIVO. They have won a patent case against pretty much every DVR company on the market. They are also CHEAP. They are also hemmorhaging money but unlike IFL, they actually have a product that is selling and have the patents to back it.

Fuck man, there are so many other better gambles out there. Why, out of hundreds of places to put your money would you pick this piece of trash?

And now the Investment advice from Pat Militech, the Croation Sedation. When Pat talks (just like when he fights), people fall alseep.

From: croatian
Date: 06/01/07 03:21 PM
Member Since: 06/10/2003

No matter what it is in life that people try to accomplish, there will always be those that are critics.

It must be a miserable life knowing you never put your ass on the line for anything. You calling the IFL a peice of shit translates into you calling everyone associated with the IFL peices of shit.

Anyone who talks this way and wishes ill will towards people attempting something good, speaks volumes about the person who issues the statement.

You have explained yourself in full, no need for mentioning your name.

I guess Pat does not read too well. Someone gives investment advice and Pat Militech attacks the guys credibilty about not putting it on the line for anything. Pat's feelings must really be hurt. I suggest he hire an investment broker and someone to turdor him in spelling. Doesn't he know that "I before E, except after C"?

Friday, June 01, 2007

MMA Greennamer attacks SOH's creditials

Bodog Commentator and accomplished MMA fighter Paul "The Mauler" Lezenby (1-6) has stood on his soapbox and thumbed his nose at all MMA fans. According to him, unless you are a fighter you have no right to make comments about those that do fight. I guess the $49.95 for the PPV doesn't entitle you talk about the fight at all. Of course I am sure Paul Lezenby (1-6, 2 loses by TKO) has never done this in his personal life. I can really see the self-righteous one on Sunday saying "Despite throwing 3 interceptions, Brad Johnson makes a mean keiche." Hey Paul Lezenby (1-6, 2 loses by submission), this is America and people are given the right to free speech. To make matters worse, Paul Lizenby (1-6, 1 lose by choke) then attacks me over comments I made that Kimbo Slice is nothing more than an internet sensation and has not beaten anyone but overweight bouncers in a backyard. Lets not forget this gem of wisdom from Paul Lezenby (1-6, 1 lose by decision):

So if a former champion of Croquet or Chess decided to fight MMA, would you say that Kimbo doesn't deserve to fight him either?

My much later response:

As for your defense of chess and boxing. Boxing is similiar to mma in WAY more a manner than chess. Perhaps I will feel differently if Bobby Fisher moved into an armbar after his opponent called "Check!".

I never did answer his questions about my fight creditials. Well, Paul Lezenby (1-7, 1 win by decision), you have one more win than me. Of course, in Machine May fashion, when I make my MMA debut, we will be tied.