Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cage Fury Fighting Championship (is a joke)!

Since the recent blow up of Paul Lazenby on me after I called Kimbo Slice a joke, I have address what I think about the upcoming Kimbo Slice and Ray Mercer fight. This fight is nothing more than a sideshow event. I remember when MMA first started and there were a few copies and at the time I felt that MMA might go the Pro Wrestling route, but lucky for us it didn't.

It has been almost 13 years since Royce Gracie changed Martial Arts and now as the Main Event of Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5, they have an Internet boxer who beat up overweight bouncers and an over 40 ex-heavyweight boxing champion. Over the past 13 years MMA fighters have evolved from guys with false creditials and fake black belts to having elite athletes. MMA has become like any other sport, where only people with God-given talent can compete.

Now, Cage Fury Fighting Championship goes ahead and makes this their Main Event. This may set MMA back 10 years. Paul Lazenby stated on the UG that people love to watch a freakshow. How about Cage Fury getting two midgets together and let them fight it out. I am sure it would be entertaining (and funny as hell).


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