Friday, June 01, 2007

MMA Greennamer attacks SOH's creditials

Bodog Commentator and accomplished MMA fighter Paul "The Mauler" Lezenby (1-6) has stood on his soapbox and thumbed his nose at all MMA fans. According to him, unless you are a fighter you have no right to make comments about those that do fight. I guess the $49.95 for the PPV doesn't entitle you talk about the fight at all. Of course I am sure Paul Lezenby (1-6, 2 loses by TKO) has never done this in his personal life. I can really see the self-righteous one on Sunday saying "Despite throwing 3 interceptions, Brad Johnson makes a mean keiche." Hey Paul Lezenby (1-6, 2 loses by submission), this is America and people are given the right to free speech. To make matters worse, Paul Lizenby (1-6, 1 lose by choke) then attacks me over comments I made that Kimbo Slice is nothing more than an internet sensation and has not beaten anyone but overweight bouncers in a backyard. Lets not forget this gem of wisdom from Paul Lezenby (1-6, 1 lose by decision):

So if a former champion of Croquet or Chess decided to fight MMA, would you say that Kimbo doesn't deserve to fight him either?

My much later response:

As for your defense of chess and boxing. Boxing is similiar to mma in WAY more a manner than chess. Perhaps I will feel differently if Bobby Fisher moved into an armbar after his opponent called "Check!".

I never did answer his questions about my fight creditials. Well, Paul Lezenby (1-7, 1 win by decision), you have one more win than me. Of course, in Machine May fashion, when I make my MMA debut, we will be tied.


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