Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pat Militech, the Investment Broker (or Scripps Spelling Bee Champion)

I come back for a few days and I can find shit to talk about left and right.

Jinx, resident Mexican-American and poster of licking buttholes actually gave some good invest advice:

From: Jinx
Date: 06/01/07 03:11 PM
Member Since: 01/01/2001

THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER STOCKS WITH BETTER PROSPECTS THAN THIS PIECE OF SHIT. If you like to gamble so much with your money, put your money in RBY. It's still a gamble, but at least RBY actually has money, has one of the best gold mining guys on their team and is actually cheap to buy.

Why are you going to go after a failing company that is hemmorhaging money and has to BORROW from their shareholder just to stay above ground?
You want a turnaround story? BUY TIVO. They have won a patent case against pretty much every DVR company on the market. They are also CHEAP. They are also hemmorhaging money but unlike IFL, they actually have a product that is selling and have the patents to back it.

Fuck man, there are so many other better gambles out there. Why, out of hundreds of places to put your money would you pick this piece of trash?

And now the Investment advice from Pat Militech, the Croation Sedation. When Pat talks (just like when he fights), people fall alseep.

From: croatian
Date: 06/01/07 03:21 PM
Member Since: 06/10/2003

No matter what it is in life that people try to accomplish, there will always be those that are critics.

It must be a miserable life knowing you never put your ass on the line for anything. You calling the IFL a peice of shit translates into you calling everyone associated with the IFL peices of shit.

Anyone who talks this way and wishes ill will towards people attempting something good, speaks volumes about the person who issues the statement.

You have explained yourself in full, no need for mentioning your name.

I guess Pat does not read too well. Someone gives investment advice and Pat Militech attacks the guys credibilty about not putting it on the line for anything. Pat's feelings must really be hurt. I suggest he hire an investment broker and someone to turdor him in spelling. Doesn't he know that "I before E, except after C"?


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